Summer Recharge - 4 Week Program

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to healthy eating and dont know where to start?  This 4 Week Program is designed to give you 1000’s healthy recipes to allow you to learn and understand what food you should be eating to have more energy, lose weight, and feel good while also helping you ditch bad habits and create new ones. 


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Our 4 Week Program will get you on the right path to take back control and start living again.

What is included?

1. Meal Plan 

  • A weight-loss meal plan that doesn’t make you feel deprived.
  • 1000’s of delicious healthy recipes with food that you are familiar with and can get in the local supermarket.
  • Dietary requirements catered for – gluten, nuts, dairy, vegetarian and more.
  • You can meal plan 7 days ahead.  Helping you to get organised and know what you are eating for the coming week.
  • Weekly topics from meal planning, curb cravings,  portion control. exercise, fueling your body correctly and so much more:
  • Full access to the app & community.
  • Fun Challenges – Steps leaderboards to encourage each other to keep moving
  • Track your weight, habits, food, steps & activities
  • Daily Support from us & the community.

So what areas will I cover in the program?


Why Diets Don’t Work

We will help you understand why restrictive dieting is not going to work long term. Helping you understand what you should be tracking and how to start making changes. What food changes to start with and helpful suggestions to get real food into your day. 

Fueling your Body

The focus is on the type of food you are eating. We will help you to change your focus to eating healthier with whole foods? Changing your mindset from dieting to GETTING healthier and in the process having more energy, feeling better and start losing weight in a real way.

Portion Control

We will help get a handle on portions control.    You will quickly understand what size portions are right for your body.  We will also look at mindful eating and how eating in a calm stress-free environment with no distractions can really help with health and weight loss.

Meal Planning

Meal planning does not have to mean cooking all weekend.  But it does mean it will take the guesswork out of the  most common question people ask is ‘What’s for dinner?’ Having your week planned in advance will save you time, money, and less food waste.  


 Making time for exercise is often a challenge.  Exercise needs to become a priority in your weekly schedule, or excuses will always slip in.  Set yourself realistic exercise goals so you can build them into your life. We will give you ideas to get more movement into your week & online workouts you can do from home.


Cravings can be triggered by stress, boredom, smells, sight etc.  We will give you practical ways you can reduce cravings and understand why they are happening.   Getting our cravings under control can make a real change to out health and weight loss.

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