Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Program for Your Employees

Edel & Marie

Your employees’ physical and emotional well-being is key to your companies success.

Our 6-week “Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Program” is an online program that is designed with busy professionals in mind to give them the tools and education to easily & quickly make healthy food choices daily with practical hints & tips.

Your employees will benefit by receiving both support 1 to 1 from us and also the support and encouragement from being part of their own private group.

No matter what size your business is we can cater for any number of employees no matter how big or small your organisation is.

Our Program

Your employees will benefit by receiving both 1 to 1 support from us and also support and encouragement from peers in their own private corporate group on our App, who will encourage, support, and motivate each other over the program.

Individualised: Each employee will complete an initial health questionnaire. We will provide feedback with practical and realistic advice and targets set out for each individual with their goals in mind.  They can avail of unlimited daily 1 to 1 support.


Building Community: You will have your own private group on our App where your employees can interact with each other.  They can encourage, support and motivate each other by sharing recipes & tips checking in daily and participating in leaderboards and fun challenges.



Weekly Hints & Tips: Each week we will provide pre-recorded videos or read topics with hints & tips on hydration, sleep, movement, mindful eating, reducing stress plus lots more


Easy & Quick: Your employees have access to 1000’s of healthy family-friendly recipes to choose from that are individualised to suit their goals. We will give your employees a plan and structure to help them eat nutritious & healthy meals, while also giving them back time on hectic days.

Promoting Movement: We will help your employees understand the importance of exercise by providing hints and tips on how to be more active and to fit more movement into the week. They will be accountable daily for their movement on the App.

Managing Stress: Employees will be given hints and tips on how to reduce stress levels – they will be better focused, feel more energized, and motivated to accomplish work while feeling good about themselves.


Do you want your team to be more engaged and productive?

Do you want your team to operate at their optimum levels?

Do you want to lower the levels of absenteeism due to health issues?

We can create a program that suits your company’s needs, design a plan to suit you, and promote it within your organisation. We will drum up the interest within your team and will report back to you periodically on levels of engagement and survey findings.

We have already worked with companies such a Permanent TSB, BWG, & The Quelly Group.

We will work out a price based on the number of employees you have so get in touch today by filling out the form below. What are you waiting for?