Fluffy Scrambled Egg and Brown Soda Bread with Baked Beans


Serves 1
Carbs: 0g
Protein: 0g
Fat: 0g
Sugar: 0g
Preparing time: 0 mins
Cooking time: 5 mins
Post workout meal
Family friendly

Allergy information:
Use gluten-free if required*


1 tsp butter*

3 whole egg

2 tbsp semi-skimmed milk*

pinch salt

pinch black pepper

1 slices soda bread*

1 small tin reduced sugar baked beans


1. In a small bowl, beat eggs with salt and milk.
2. In a non-stick pan, melt oil on medium-high heat until foamy.
3. Add eggs and cook, stirring, until large, fluffy curds form and eggs are fully cooked through, about 3 minutes.
4. Season with pepper and serve with bread and baked beans.

Serve and Enjoy.