Meatballs and Tasty Sauce


Serves 4
Carbs: 0g
Protein: 0g
Fat: 0g
Sugar: 0g
Preparing time: 15 mins
Cooking time: 30 mins
Post workout meal
Family friendly

Nutritional value per serving.

Allergy information:
Use gluten-free if required*


1 onion

2 garlic cloves

200 g lamb mince

1 tbsp olive oil

400 g can chopped tomatoes

2 tbsp tomato purée

2 tbsp mixed herbs dried

200 g mushrooms

1 bell pepper

200 g wholemeal pasta*


1. Mix some of the finely chopped onion and garlic with the mince. Shape the mince into small balls about half the size of a golf ball.
2. Heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan and brown the meatballs on all sides. Remove and put on to a plate.
3. Add the remaining onion to the frying pan and cook for 2-3 minutes until soft. Add the remaining garlic and cook for another minute.
4. Add the tomatoes, tomato purée, herbs, sliced mushrooms and chopped peppers to the pan with 150ml water. Bring to the boil, then add the meatballs. Reduce the heat, cover with a lid and simmer for 30 minutes.
5. About 10 minutes before serving, put the pasta on to cook as per pack instructions. Serve with the meatballs and tomato sauce.

Serve and Enjoy.