White Chocolate Raspberry Balls (vegan friendly)


Serves 1
Carbs: 0g
Protein: 0g
Fat: 0g
Sugar: 0g
Preparing time: 30 mins
Cooking time: 0 mins
Family friendly

This batch makes 12 balls

I freeze mine individually and take them out as I use them
They last in the fridge for about a week


140 g dates

100 g oats*

70 g whey white choc raspberry

130 g almond coconut butter pip& nut

30 g ground almonds

15 g berry burst bioglan superfoods

30 g ground flaxseed

120 ml vanilla soya milk

20 g white chocolate chip


1.Using a food processor blend dates and nut butter until they stick together in a ball
2.Add rest of ingredients except choc chips and blend
texture should be rough but sticky
3.Add choc chips and mix by hand
4.Roll into balls

Serve and Enjoy.