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Deirdre Walsh – 6 Week Health Kick Program.

As a busy mother of 2 under 3 with numerous sleepless nights, it’s easy to grab the convenience foods and sugary snacks for a quick energy hit. The baby weight didn’t fall off this time around. I took the decision to put myself first and joined Shape My Plan and it has been the best decision I’ve made. I joined the 6-week Healthkick program.

I’m on week 4 this week and have lost 7lbs already. Edel and Marie are on hand day or night to help and the app is fantastic! The meal plans are easy and convenient with 100s of recipes. Each night we check in with our online group and this to me is the best bit because it makes me accountable!!

Let’s be honest we’re not always going to keep on track and that’s ok- life is for living! But there is always support from Marie and Edel and the group to keep us motivated and get us back on track!! Thank you ladies- I look forward to continuing my journey with ShapeMyPlan!!! X’



Linda Molly Boland – 6 Week Health Kick Program.

I started on shape my plan in January as I put on some weight during covid. The plan is so easy to follow with plenty of choices for breakfast, lunch dinner, and snacks. Recipes are easy to follow and the shopping list is handy for the weekly shop. I have changed a couple of habits from drinking more water, eating more veg and exercising again, jogging twice per week. The best part of the plan is that it’s not a diet but a healthy way of living. I love being part of a group that offers great support and new friendships.

Thank you, Marie and Edel for the great support week on week. 💙


Sandra Cashman – 6 Week Health Kick Program.

I joined Shape My Plan over 3 months ago and it has completely changed my life for the better. So far I’ve lost 1.5 stone while on the plan but still don’t feel as if I’m depriving myself. I can eat from every food group and I never feel hungry. And although I’m still a bit off my target weight I haven’t felt this good in myself in a long time. What’s also so appealing about this plan is it’s not overwhelming. You create new habits every week instead of changing your entire life from day one. That’s where I find the longevity comes into it, no quick sudden lifestyle changes, it’s all in moderation and at an achievable pace. I enjoyed the plan so much that my husband signed up also. It’s such an affordable plan for what you get and Marie and Edel are a great support. I would have no problem recommending Shape My Plan.

Andrea O Connor, Tipperary – 6 Week Health Kick Program 

I cant recommend Shape My plan enough I have lost 10lb in 5 weeks Edel and Marie are always there to ask questions 2 even if you think that they are silly ones they always help and make you feel at ease and pick you up on the days that aren’t going so well food or steps Great advice and help and food is great and get great tips


“Shape my plan is great, lots of options, having both recipes and off the shelf foods for alternatives (John West). It’s a great way to keep on track while eating everything you enjoy. Was very suitable to my preferences”



“I have discovered new choice within the food I was already buying with the shape my plan recipes”

Owen Morton

Guys just letting you know I’m down 6lbs in 2 weeks since starting on the plan.  Loving all the recipes!


“I really liked to Shape my Plan. I found it very straightforward so much so I could send it to my sons to have dinner ready when I got in from work. It is a very easy to follow plan even for a novice cook, really liked all the options especially for lunch”.


“I found the programme really good. It kept me on track and made my life so much easier just being able to let it choose what I was going to eat with the easy swap options. When I stuck to it 100% I really saw the results I wanted.”


“Feel great, my body fat is the lowest its been in years. Loving the new options.”

GNS member

“For once, I’ve found something that gives you real food. Too many meal plans are too unrealistic, eating chicken and rice day in and day out. Shape My Plan gives you food that everyone eats on a daily basis but makes them healthy and enjoyable. It’s so straightforward and extremely easy to use. The breakdown of meals is very useful and the step by step guide on how to make them is great!”


“The variety of meal options on the app were amazing (I was quite fond of the prawn salad) which is something I know I struggle with as I love variety and flavour so this app was great for me in that respect. I really enjoyed using the app and I found it very easy to use as everything was there in front of you. The recipes were easy to follow and no guesswork, you knew exactly what the measurements were”.


“I joined it 3 weeks ago – lost 4lbs it is easy to follow and love that is works out the calories”


“Guys just letting you know I am down 6lbs in 2 weeks since starting the plan.  Loving all the recipes”


“On my second week loving it !! lost 6 lbs week one – delighted”


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