How do we Make Weight Loss Goals for 2019

Need to be Realistic about your Weight Loss Goals

So you are making weight loss goals again.  Great.  Don’t get us wrong we are all for setting big goals, we love it. But we genuinely don’t like to see people fail, we want you to succeed. It pains us to see people genuinely wanting to make changes to their lifestyles in the new year, but then falling down and quitting as the weeks go on. Very often this quitting is down to perceived failure, and all too often this perceived failure is because people have set big goals with unrealistic timeframes.

Let’s look at somebody looking to lose weight, something like 30lbs, and they are thinking to themselves “I’ll give myself a 3-month window to do this”. This is the sort of stuff a lot of people will do. And then they’ll go really strict on their food, cut out alcohol, carbs etc. Start exercising 6-7 hours per week. As the weeks progress these sudden excessive changes start to eat at the motivation, it’s not fun, it’s too tough, I can’t keep this going, I’m done! Can any of you relate?

So after a month you quit, you have dropped a few pounds, but haven’t created any long-term healthy habits, and a few weeks later you have put any weight you lost straight back on. And to be honest you have just wasted your own time and probably been miserable whilst doing it.

Think Long-Term Weight Loss Goals 

But what if someone offered you a way to achieve your goals without feeling deprived.

Set achievable goals in a sustainable way, one where you won’t have to do crazy hours in the gyms, and most importantly won’t feel deprived with your nutrition? Let us look at setting the same 30lb goal but over a longer period. This can be done in a flexible sustainable way.

– 7 months to lose 30lbs

– An easier target of approximately 4lbs per month, very doable

– No strict, miserable diet plans, you can enjoy your food unlike the drastic 3-month plan

– No excessive exercise, 2-3 hours per week

– Plenty of weekends out with friends & family, you won’t have to cut these out as you would with the short term 3-month plan above

You are setting the exact same goal, but are going to achieve it in a far more enjoyable way. Now, what goals are you going to set for the new year?