Meal Plan for You

Need a  meal plan you can stick to?
We have 1,000’s of online easy healthy food options -that’s flexible and achievable for your busy life.

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Personal Trainers

Irelands best online meal plan for your clients.  Will save you time. Your clients will get results.

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Providing the Best Meal Plan you can Stick to



Get a meal plan you can stick to.  Easy to follow healthy family-friendly recipes that are flexible and achievable for your busy life.  If you have food allergies such as gluten, dairy, nuts, etc we have got you covered.


calculate-stats-goalsLog your weight, body measurements & body fat on a weekly basis.  When you can see your progression this will keep you motivated.

All the ingredients you need are available in your local supermarket. Just click on the ingredients and it will add to your own shopping list.


You can meal plan 7 days ahead.  Helping you to get organised and know what you are eating for the coming week.

Marie co-founder of Shape My Plan has lost over 3 stone.  Read More

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Tips on how to stay active and eat healthy during the lockdown

This guide will help keep your body & mind healthy during the current lockdown. Lots of ways to get active including online workouts you can do from home and some of our favourite healthy recipes.
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