Tailored, flexible meal plans that improves your relationship with food whilst enjoying results in a balanced, sustainable, enjoyable way

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Personal Trainers

A meal plan solution for personal trainers with the option of making a revenue stream for your business

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Our Services


Provide personalised nutrition plans for users based on their overall personal goal.


Provide 1000’s of healthy recipes with a breakdown to show overall calories – protein, fat and carbs.


Calories, proteins, fats and carbs are calculated.  However, you have the flexibility to customise the calories or macro ratio at any time.


Weekly meal plans with specific dietary options catered for i.e. likes/dislikes/ allergies/ intolerance.


Fuel your progress. Wholesome nutritious meal plans with really tasty food.


Monitor and update your own personal progress. Helping you stay on track.


We will provide weekly blog posts giving healthy hints & tips to help stay motivated.


We will help you to build new habits so you begin feeling good about yourself.

How it Works

1. Input personal details to allow us to work out your daily calorie and macronutrients allowance

2. Personalised meal plan with 100’s of recipes completely tailored for you

3. Swap meals for alternative choices

4. Monitor and update your own personal progress


HFA 2019_Nutramino Logo_Silver

We recently received a new award!

Over 300 health and fitness professionals, attended the 2019 NUTRAMINO Health & Fitness Awards hosted by Alan Quinlan, in the Round Room at the Mansion House in Dublin on Friday 8th of March. The Health & Fitness Awards recognise outstanding contributions and innovation from Ireland’s top health & fitness professionals, facilities and community engagement initiatives.

ShapeMyPlan won the Silver Award under the Innovation Category for providing Meal Plan Solution to Fitness Industry

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