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Need a  meal plan you can stick to?
Develop healthy habits. No more feeling deprived, restricted, overwhelmed, or guilty!

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Personal Trainers

Irelands best online meal plan for your clients.  Will save you time. Your clients will get results.

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Our Programs

Meal Plan Only

  • Full access to our online meal plan- with limited access to the App.
  •  1000’s delicious healthy recipes with food that you are familiar with and can get in the local supermarket.
  • Each day follow a flexible plan to reach your daily calories.
  • Add ingredients to a shopping list.
  • Help & support.


Health Kick 6 Week Program 

  • Full access to Shape My Plan (as above).
  • Full access to our interactive app. 
  • Focus on 4 main areas of health (Food, Exercise, Hydration & Sleep)
  • Practical and simple advice on what to eat, overcome cravings, learn about food labels so you can make informed decisions, get more movement into your week and make real changes to help you to start a healthy lifestyle and not just another yo-yo diet
  • Daily Accountability with & Support
  • Supportive Community
  • Live Q & A’s where we can help and support each other



 Convenience and simplicity are at the heart of what we do at Shape My Plan. Give it a try!




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