1 to 1 Health & Nutrition Coaching

If you need a more personalised plan that is specific to your life and health goals you can book a 1 to 1 consultation with Edel. Edel is a qualified Health & Nutrition Coach and is passionate about helping people who want to eat better make real healthy changes to their life so they will have more energy, reduce stress and feel and look healthy.

This consultation costs €150 and includes a 1 to 1 consultation and follow ups. See below for full details of what is involved.

First Steps:

Once you sign up for the coaching I will send by email a health questionnaire so I can get a full understanding of your overall health and what your goals are. I will ask you to keep a diary over a 7 day period recording your food, mood, exercise and sleep.

Your Consultation:

Once I receive your completed questionnaire and 7-day diary we will schedule in a 60-minute consultation via phonecall or zoom during this consultation we will together further investigate any areas within your questionnaire that may be causing problems or needs change and we will also look at your food diary. We will discuss in detail how we can make changes that will suit your lifestyle.

Your Plan:

Within 2 days of our initial consultation, you will receive your own personal plan and recommendations.

We will look at the 4 main pillars to your health:

  • Diet
  • Lifestyle
  • Sleep
  • Movement

Each of these areas will be discussed in detail and I will give you recommendations and practical examples to help you make healthy changes that will suit your lifestyle. Small changes in all these areas can make a huge difference in your life and your likelihood of developing illness such as diabetes, heart problems, gut issues, hormone imbalance and autoimmune conditions.

Free Access to Shape My Plan

Once you receive your own personal plan and recommendation you will also receive free access to Shape My Plan for 6 months (this would normally cost €60). If you had already paid for Shape My Plan we will take this off the price.

Follow Up Session – incl in price

You have a choice:

  1. Weekly check-ins: Some people like the idea of a weekly check-in. You can if you wish to continue the diary and send this weekly to me by email. We can do this each week for 4 weeks where I can review your progress and also make a further recommendation.
  2. Follow up Consultation: 3 to 4 weeks after your initial consultation, we will have a 30 to 40-minute follow up call. We will review your progress and I will answer any questions or concerns you may have while also giving you further recommendations and changes you can make.

Additional Follow Up Consultations can be made at a cost of €60 for 40 minutes. These appointments can be made at any stage after your initial consultation and follow up.

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