Ways to Burn Calories to Prevent Weight Gain over the Christmas

December will always be difficult to eat healthily and burn off the calories consumed.  We are busy having fun and definitely, the social life tends to ramp up a few levels and with that food & alcohol intake can go through the roof. Whilst it is very important to enjoy ourselves it is crucial to understand that going crazy with your calorie consumption can have a large negative impact on your goals, especially if those goals are weight loss or maintenance. If you have put in the work before Christmas you don’t want a few weeks of going off the plan to set you back completely.   Whilst calories maybe shooting up you can look at adapting our weekly calories as we spoke about in last weeks article simple tips on how to use Shape My Plan but as we will discuss in this article you can increase your calorie expenditure through exercise to combat those extra calories being consumed.

How to burn calories and prevent weight gain over December.

  1. Set a daily steps target and make sure you hit this target daily. If you have a Fitbit or a smartphone you can track your steps.  If you normally hit 10,000 steps per day lets up that to 12,000.
  2. Get a quick 15min HIT workout done somewhere across the day, don’t use lack of time as an excuse.
  3. If taking phone calls walk around when on the phone and don’t just sit down for the duration.
  4. Take the stairs instead of the lift.
  5. Have a different rest day from the gym in the week, most people take Sundays off but if you are consuming extra calories (which tends to happen mainly at weekends) then it’s a good idea to burn off extra calories that day and then have a rest day midweek when we would normally consume less calories anyway
  6. Walk that 10-15mins to the shop instead of taking the car, think steps steps steps.