Choosing your Snacks on Shape My Plan


Choosing your snacks on Shape My Plan should be done carefully with variety and balance in mind.  You can have up to 3 snacks per day depending on how you have chosen your meal plan.  All your snacks are calculated into your overall calories each day.

Snacks are often the downfall of why people come off track as they are not sure what type of snacks they should be choosing.

On your plan, you will have a choice of a large range of snacks from fruit, nuts, yogurts, chocolate & even crisps.  The majority of these snacks can be bought in your local supermarkets and are also widely available if out and about.  This is one of the reasons why it works so well for people as you don’t have to go off plan if you are not completely organised.

However, snacks are all just suggestions and when choosing your snacks we do advise to try and limit the amount of chocolate or crisps per day.  You should try and choose healthier options with less sugar and saturated fats such as fruit, apple with peanut butter,  yogurts with berries, rice cake and a cuppa tea or popcorn.

If you are choosing chocolate each time for your snack it will give you a taste of sugar and you will crave more.  Chocolate is also empty calories and your hunger will not be satisfied.

It is all about balance.  If you crave that piece of chocolate have it but try and limit it to once a day.