How to Eat Healthy and Stay Active while Travelling

Healthy eating while traveling

It is always a challenge to know how to eat healthy and stay active while travelling.  When you are at home regularly, you’re in a great routine, food is good and hitting the gym regularly. But what happens when you are going on holiday, away for work or just gone for a few days? Are you just going to drop everything, stop the healthy eating, reach for junk food and lose the run of yourself?   The problem with this is that it can be very hard to get back on track afterwards if you have gone completely off the rails.  I often feel the floodgates open and it is difficult to close it again.   Here are some tips to help you eat healthily and stay active while traveling.

Prep, prep, prep & prep! 

If you are going on a work trip, a plane journey we all know before we even go healthy foods are difficult to find in many places.  How many times have you had a meeting or conference in a hotel and find it difficult as all that is offered is biscuits, scones, danishes etc.   You will be tempted to eating various unhealthy foods. A good tip is to pack things like a banana, nuts even a protein bar for the journey. Healthy snacks on hand are crucial to success.

Stay Hydrated

Eating Healthy and stay active while traveling


Water is absolutely crucial for so many things and this is no different when traveling. It will curb your hunger pangs and you will be less tired so you are not likely to reach for the sugar fix.  Ensure you bring a bottle of water with you everywhere.

Get Protein in

If you are grabbing quick food on the go, from a garage or shop try to prick protein based foods. These will help keep blood sugars stable, thus making it less likely you will reach for crappy foods and unnecessary extra calories.

Make Good Choices when out 

Travelling tends to go hand in hand with eating out. Whilst it’s important to enjoy ourselves try to make healthier choices, and as above keep protein a priority.  Avoid the starter and dessert.   For alcohol low in calories try to pick spirits and low calorie/calorie free mixers to keep your overall calorie consumption down.

Try to stay active

If you can get a walk in great.  If staying in a hotel check if they have a gym or pool you could use.  Even a short  10-15min HIT sessions are also fantastic to do and will help you feel more energetic and enjoy your trip more.   If in the car all day – when you get home just put on the runners and go for a quick walk, you will feel better and the fresh air will help you sleep at night.