Eating Out and Staying Healthy

Tips to make your New Year's Resolutions stick

Eating Out and Staying Healthy.

A night out can fill you with dread when you are trying to lose weight.  Eating out and staying healthy can be achieved.  It is all about choice.  I am not kidding you will need a lot of willpower and don’t listen to that inner voice saying, “ah sure I’m out I deserve it”.  Think about how you will feel come Monday morning.   Don’t undo all the good work you have done over the week for a night out.

So how can we enjoy our social life without completely overindulging?

  1.  If you have an arranged night out you can plan your week around it.  Reduce your calorie intake for the week.  Keep to a calorie deficit.  We have a great feature on Shape My Plan where you can customise your calories for the week.  So, you can save say 100 calories a day so you have a surplus of 600 calories for your night out. For that week watch your food (stick to your plan).
  2. Keep up your exercise.  Try and get an extra class or walk in during the week.   Especially the day after the night out get up and out of the house and go for a brisk walk.
  3. Drink water over the day and don’t be afraid to order sparking or still water during the nights out.  People don’t even notice and if they do just say you have a big day tomorrow and need to be on form.  Eat out and stay healthy
  4. Make healthier choices – avoid the bread at the starter, choose lean meat or fish and ask for sauces on the side.
  5. Drink sensibly a single night out could be 1000 in calories from alcohol alone. See below a list of popular alcoholic drinks you might be surprised how many calories are in your drink.  It might also help you make an informed decision when choosing your drink for the evening.
  • Pint of Guinness (210 Kcals)
  • Pint of larger (164 Kcals)
  • Bottle of larger (110 kcals)
  • Jager bomb (209 Kcals)
  • Gin & Slimline Tonic (115 kcals)
  • Vodka & Soda water (97 kcals)
  • A glass of Prosecco 125ml (84 kcals) – Full bottle 504 Kcals
  • A glass of White Wine 125ml (118 Kcals) – Full bottle 708 kcals
  • A glass of Red Wine (126 Kcals) Full bottle -756 kcals


If drinking white wine consider adding a slimline spritzer or ice to your drink.  For spirits add lots of ice it will last longer and keep you somewhat hydrated.  No excuse for you Gin drinkers with the large fishbowl glasses!!!