Flexible Dieting

Flexible dieting is commonly associated with “If It Fits Your Macros” which is better known as IIFYM among us nowadays. In reality “flexible dieting” has been used since the ’90s at least and refers to the relationship and attitude people have towards dieting and food in general.

What being flexible really means is that you don’t categorize food as “good or bad”. It’s not just about “tracking macros” each day, you can have a very rigid mindset with regards to dieting while tracking & trying to hit your macros, this means that you’re either “on” or “off” your diet in which case you eat everything in sight because you’ve “fell off the wagon”. With a flexible approach there is no off or on your diet. You can be flexible while still following a meal plan, allowing for changes within it & understanding that particular foods in your meal plan are not the sole reason you’re getting results.

Flexible dieting does not mean you have to eat rubbish, for some of you this will lead to better adherence & will work. BUT, you don’t have to eat rubbish to tell everyone that you’re flexible dieting, find what works for YOU! Something that allows you to sustain a calorie deficit whilst also being sustainable.