How To Get That Summer Body

Tips to help you get that summer body

Summer is only a few weeks away.  We are all asking ourselves how to get that summer body.  No more coats and jumpers to hide behind.  We will all be delayering and trying to fit back into those dreaded white jeans and sleeveless tops and that is not mentioning the bikinis, swimsuits, shorts and nice dresses if you are travelling to hotter climates.

We still have time to make a difference to our bodies prior to the weather getting better.

Here are a few tips on how to get that summer body.

  1. Eat healthily Tips to get that summer body– sounds obvious but this is the most important part of losing weight.  If your food is not right it does not matter how much exercise you do you will not lose those extra pounds.  Being aware of how many Calories you should be consuming daily and the food you should be eating to stay within your calories will make a huge difference in losing weight.  A good tip for the first few days is to write down every food you eat.  If you eat it – write it.  You will soon notice your downfalls and are less likely to eat the bar of chocolate if you have to put it in writing.
  2. Move more.  Try and get more movement into your day.  If you go to the gym or like to run- great! Keep it up but maybe try and fit in an extra class or extra run-in during the week.  Try and get more steps throughout the day.  A trackable watch is a great way to keep you accountable. Aim for 10,000 plus steps a day.  Take the stairs, walk around while on the phone – every bit helps.
  3. Get motivated – Get a friend involved.  It is always easier to take on this challenge with a friend.  You will motivate each other, share tips and get moving together.  A walk is always a great way to catch up and you won’t notice those steps getting clocked up.

    How to get Motivated to exercise
    How to get Motivated to exercise
  4. Drink water.  There are so many benefits to drinking water. It is integral to helping you lose weight.  Try and drink at least 8 glasses a day,  Not only does it assist with weight loss but it is also great for your complexion and energy.
  5. Don’t deprive yourself.  Allow yourself a treat meal every week.  It is important to make smarter choices with everyday foods. For example, if you like a latter you could order a  takeaway latte once or twice daily which has over 179 kcals whereas an americano or tea has zero kcals.
  6. Stay positive and keep your goal in your mind.  Start setting yourself goals and put them somewhere you will see them daily – phone, fridge, mirror etc.  Be realistic with your goals or you won’t stick to them   Imagine yourself and how you will feel when you achieve that goal.