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Do your clients need help with what they are eating? If they are training hard but are confused about what food to eat and making food choices that are not helping them achieve their goals. We can help.

Our online Meal Plans are tailored to each individual calorie or macro goal. Giving them 1000’s easy go-to recipes & snack ideas to keep them on track.

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How do you get ‘Shape My Plan’ for your clients?

From as little as €30 per month you could be providing all your clients with an online meal plan that they can really stick to.

We provide with your a code for your clients they sign up themselves under your code and they get the service for free.


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How we can help you and your business





healthy-recipes-details1000’s of healthy recipes with everyday food – each meal has up to 60 swap options to hit calorie goals. Dietary requirements catered for.

clockSaves a huge amount of time creating meal plans and giving nutrition advice, allowing you to get on with what you do best while adding value for your clients.


When your client is eating and training properly they are going to get better results so better retention and word of mouth.

All this from as little as €30 per month

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Choose how many clients you want to provide the meal plan to

Up to 50 Clients (was 25 Clients)

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Up to 100 Clients (was 50 Clients)

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Up to 150 Clients

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Unlimited Clients

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Option 2

Your gym becomes a member of Shape My Plan for free and your clients can buy Shape My Plan for themselves for HALF PRICE using your gyms unique half price code. Contact us for your unique code.


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