How can we help your gym?

Save you time.  No more creating meal plans for your clients.   Each client will receive their own tailored plan with their goals in mind.  Easy to implement, easy to understand and not time-consuming.

Better results. Your clients will enjoy the foods they are eating, thus ensuring better compliance long term and therefore better results and in return better retention for you having a positive effect on your revenue.

Increase revenue. Join Shape My Plan and sell our product onto your client for a profit.  Sign up to our affiliate program you can earn money 10% back on every client/follower you sign up. This becomes a new revenue stream for your business. Contact us for more information.

Increase clients.  Your clients’ progress will result in them eagerly recommending the service thus improving referral rates.  

Calorie plan or Macro plan.  Give your clients the choice of a calorie deficit meal plan or macronutrient meal plan. Allowing you the unique ability to customise their macro ratio or daily calorie allowance at any stage.

See our short video, how a typical meal plan looks for a client on a 1200 calorie deficit


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Our Services


Provide personalised nutrition plans for your clients based on their overall personal goals.


Provide 1000’s of healthy recipes with a breakdown to show overall calories – protein, fat and carbs with specific dietary options catered for.

Calories, proteins, fats and carbs are calculated.  However you have the flexibility to customise the calories or macro ratio at any time..


Saves your gym a huge amount of time creating meal plans and nutrition guidelines for your clients, allowing you get on with what you do best.


Better client results equals better retention which will have a positive effect on your revenue.


Your client can monitor and update their own personal progress. Helping them stay on track.


We provide health and fitness related blogs, keeping your clients motivated


 Clients will eagerly recommend your service to their friends and family thus improving referral rates therefore increasing your revenue.

Option 1

How do you get ‘Shape My Plan’ for your gym - You pay for your clients and add an extra value service to your business. This will increase perceived value thus allowing you to work towards increasing your membership prices if desired.

Up to 25 Clients

monthly (exc vat)

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Up to 50 clients

monthly (exc vat)

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Up to 100 clients

monthly (exc vat)

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Unlimited Clients

monthly (exc vat)

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1 Day FREE Trial
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option 2-gyms-shape-my-plan

Option 2

Your gym becomes a member of Shape My Plan for free and your clients can buy Shape My Plan for themselves for HALF PRICE using your gyms unique half price code. Contact us for your unique code.


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Option 3

Buy Shape My Plan for your clients and you retail it to your clients, making you additional revenue.

Example: You buy the 0 to 25 package at €59, that’s €2.36 per meal plan. You sell it to your clients for anything between €4 to €6

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