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Shape my Plan is the online meal planning solution that works. You get family-friendly recipes designed to be easy to follow and easy to incorporate into your busy schedule. There are thousands of meals and snack to choose from with all of the ingredients are readily available at your local supermarket!

2.  Answer a few short questions

• Insert your age, weight, height and activity level allowing us to work out how many calories you should be having daily to reach your goal.

• Let us know if you have any allergies/vegetarian and how often you would like to eat.

• Instantly have access to your meal plans.


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3.  Plan your Meals

We automatically select your meal plan for you.

If you don’t fancy the meal suggested don’t worry we have up to 60 alternatives to choose from.  Just hit swap and choose the meal you prefer you will still be within your calorie/macro range for that meal and day.  If you like the recipes you can add them to your favorites and they will appear more regularly in your meal plan.  


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4.  Flexibility to change your calories or macros

Option 1:  Calorie Counting Plan

  • Just go to ‘My Profile’ and you can manually increase or decrease your daily calorie intake depending on the goals you wish to achieve.
  • Perfect for those who are planning a special occasion or in training for a fitness event.

Option 2:  Macro-Nutrient Plan. 

  • Just go to ‘My Profile’ and click macro mode to start macro counting meal plan. (Carbs, Protein & Fat) .
  • You can easily customise your macros ratio based on the results you want to achieve.


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5.  Features & Benefits

 Shopping List

When it’s time to go shopping, click on the ingredients you need and add to your shopping list so you’ll have everything you need to get cooking.

Track your progress

Keep track of your progression by recording your weight, measurements and body fat.

Members Benefits

Loyalty program – discounts for our members from some well-known businesses such as Skechers, Jump Juice Bars,  Peachy Lean and more.
You can follow Marie & Edel on Instagram and all other social media channels to keep you motivated with exercise and nutritional tips.
Facebook members page for advice and support
Hints & Tips – on healthy food and lifestyle



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