Importance of Vitamin D & Link to Severity of Coronavirus

Importance of Vitamin D & link to Severity of Coronavirus

Vitamin D deficiency is widespread, and new research is showing it can play a large role in the severity of developing serious complications of coronavirus.  Even though there is plenty of sunshine around right now this may not last.  Many of us are trying to home school and work from home while if told to cocoon can only go out for a walk once a day.  Sunshine is the best way to get Vit D.  We live in a country where we do not see much sunshine.

We all need to watch our Vitamin D levels but in particular, the elderly as they lose the ability to store Vitamin D as they age.  It would be a good idea for us all to top up with a supplement.  Especially if the coronavirus comes in a second wave over the winter months.

How do we know if we are at risk of being deficient in Vitamin D?

– Having dark skin
– Elderly – as we age we lose the ability to store Vit D
– Being overweight
– Don’t eat fish or dairy
– Living in a country with less sun
– Always using sunscreen
– Being indoors a lot

What are the symptoms of being deficient in Vitamin D?

Immunity if we get sick a lot – especially cough & colds.
– Feeling tired.
– Bone pain – in legs, ribs, joints and lower back.  Many people will think they need more calcium but in fact, could be deficient in VitaminD
– Depression/low mood
– Slow healing of wounds
– Hair loss
– Muscle Pain

Most of us are deficient in Vitamin D- How do we fix it?Importance of Vitamin D & Link to Severity of Coronavirus

It is very common but can be easily fixed.  You can request from your doctor to get your Vitamin D levels checked – but in the current environment, this may not be possible.  I would recommend the following to ensure you are getting enough Vitamin D.
– Increase sun exposure-
– Vitamin D foods such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, egg yolk, cows milk, soy milk. oatmeal
– Increase dairy products
– Take a supplement (spray is best). 3-4000 IU/day for an adult.

Get your levels checked later in the year – if possible.