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Provide personalised nutrition plans for users based on their overall personal goal.


Provide 1000’s of healthy recipes with a breakdown to show overall calories – protein, fat and carbs.


Calories, proteins, fats and carbs are calculated.  However you have the flexibility to customise the calories or macro ratio at any time.


Weekly meal plans with specific dietary options catered for i.e. likes / dislikes allergies/ intolerance.


Fuel your progress. Wholesome nutritious meal plans with really tasty food.


Monitor and update your own personal progress. Helping you stay on track.


We will provide weekly blog posts giving healthy hints & tips to help stay motivated.


We will help you to build new habits and begin feeling good about yourself.

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Your journey to a healthy lifestyle starts here. Shape my Plan is available right now with instant access to 1000's of easy to use recipes that will compliment your fitness regime

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If you’re dismissing nutrition, you’re missing out on 80% of your potential results. Our individual meal plan is tailored to you and your goals, getting you your results in a modern flexible way without you feeling deprived.

Have tried diets before? Most diets will work for the short term but they usually make you feel hungry and deprived.  Shape My Plan is not a diet it is a way of life.  We will show you that meal planning and eating the correct food to fuel your body will get you the results you deserve in a sustainable, enjoyable way.

Our mission is to allow people to eat the food they love and to permanently change their eating habits, not for a week, a month or a year but for life!

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How Shape My Plan can help you achieve your goals

Calorie counting requires dedicated time and effort. Over time, tracking all your food and drink you consume feels exhausting and stressful. Shape My Plan does the hard work for you!  We will help you lead a healthy life by providing tailored healthy recipes to help you reach your calorie. If you are trying to lose weight you will automatically be put on a calorie deficit meal plan with up to 400 meal options every day. Your meal plans will always be 7 days in advance so you can plan your weekly shops.

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Build Good Habits

We will help you build good habits, and we understand that reaching your goal is not all about following a strict meal plan for your entire life. It is about building confidence in choosing the right options, and incorporating new habits into your lifestyle.

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  • Health and Fitness related blogs are available on our website
  • You can follow Marie & Edel on instagram and all other social media channels to keep you motivated with exercise and nutritional tips.
  • Once you become a Shape My Plan member you can join our members Facebook page where you can avail of the support from other users.
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