How to Lose Weight Easily

Lose weight easily

How do we lose weight easily?  We all need to set goals. But the key to achieving your goals is actually to set lots of little goals that will add up to one big goal. Successful weight loss is just a culmination of lots of little goals e.g. keeping it a calorie deficit, being more active, getting more sleep etc. So with this in mind here are 4 super goals, that are very achievable, and when we achieve goals, even small ones we feel better and more motivated and are therefore ready to make more goals and are more likely to succeed in our overall weight loss goal.

How to Lose Weight Easily.

  1. Set yourself a daily step total, the daily recommendation is 10,000 steps per day and just make sure you hit those steps every day.
  2. Set yourself a weekly calorie goal, one that allows you to be in a weekly deficit.  Shape My Plan will work out how many calories you should be consuming on  a daily basis in order for you to lose weight. More importantly, it is flexible and sustainable so you don’t feel deprived.
  3. Get 8 hours sleep every night.  Turn off the phone, TV and allow yourself the rest your body needs.
  4. Drink 2.5-3L water daily.  Maybe fill a 2-liter jug of water and ensure you drink it daily.Lose weight easily

None of these are crazy goals but are all are very achievable. Give this a go for 30 days, you will see it is so easy to do and you will be creating some good habits too that you can follow on.  Then all you need to do is after 30 days add to these goals with another set of doable goals and before you know it these goals are just healthy habits you have built into your life.  So set the first 4 goals and let us know how you get on.