How I Lost Over 3 Stone

So all started over 3 years ago. I was almost 3 stone heavier, didn’t exercise and was constantly making the wrong food choices. While I thought I was eating healthy. I had no understanding of my correct portion sizes and how to make a smarter food choice. I was caught in a rut of yo-yo dieting. In 2011 when my daughter was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and I really spiraled out of control trying to manage my new found life with so much going on in my head. I suffered from anxiety and in turn, was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease. I tried to take control of my own weight issues myself and would take the all or nothing approach then inevitably fail – beat myself up and go back to same old habits.meal plan

I knew I had to do something I was fed up of failing. My sister Edel kept asking me to join her in the gym but I was overwhelmed with the lack of my time constraints, trying to keep up my full-time job and keep the family afloat with 2 young daughters which 1 of them had health issues.

Eventually and reluctantly I agreed to go and do a 6-week challenge with Edel. We were both given the same meal plan – even though I needed to lose and Edel was just looking to maintain. It didn’t make sense. The meal plans were boring with very little variety and not sustainable with everyday family life. While I loved the exercise, my food plan was all over the place. So Edel began sharing recipes and worked out how many calories Marie should be consuming on a daily basis. The weight started to come off and I lost almost 3 stone. When I stopped thinking of being on a diet and took a balanced approach I saw the weight come off. Now I enjoy going to the gym 3 times a week and still have a sneeky treat at the weekend. Calories in vrs Calories out actually works.

If I can do this, anybody can!

Marie xxx