Signs that you are Addicted to Sugar

Addicted to sugar

Signs you are Addicted to Sugar.

Have a read of the following list and see how many you say yes to and what you can do to start reducing your sugar intake.

  1. Feel the need to eat every 2 hours?
  2. Does concentration drop mid-morning?
  3. You experience an afternoon slump
  4. Feel hungry and irritable in between meals?
  5. Feeling shaky and dizzy?
  6. Feel a huge boost of energy or fatigue after eating?
  7. Reliant on coffee and sweet snacks throughout the day to pick you up?
  8. Cravings for sweet food throughout the day?

So How can we Start to Reduce these Craving?

  • Have healthy snacks readily available.
  • remove food with artificial sweeteners
  • Include protein with every meal as it keeps you fuller for longer with no spike in blood sugars (nuts, chicken, eggs etc)
  • Have emergency snacks in car or handbag when out and about.

When the Cravings Start

  • Drink 2 glasses of water
  • Distract yourself with a task or go out for a walk
  • Brush your teeth
  • Have fruit
  • Have a small piece of dark chocolate