Simple Back to School Lunch Ideas

School Lunch Ideas

The end of summer is getting close and if you are like me back to school can not come quick enough !!

When your little ones need to take lunch every day sometimes it can be difficult to come up with ideas and also keep it healthy.  Almost all schools now have a healthy eating policy which is great but sometimes this can be difficult when you have a fuzzy eater.  We all know the food we eat will affect our concentration level and energy so your kids will be the same.

Here are a few ideas that you kids could eat in a typical school day.

  1. Breakfast:  The most important meal of the day and this will set them up for the first few hours of school.  Try and avoid high sugar cereals as you are just encouraging sugar cravings for the day ahead. It also has no nutritional benefits and it not going to keep them feeling full.  If they like something sweet why not try a bowl of porridge with fruit on top.  Keep changing the fruit so they will not get bored.School Lunch Ideas
  2. Pasta:  Kids love pasta and will keep them full for their day.  Cook pasta the night before and add a sauce.  Place in a tubberware container so they can eat it for lunch.  Especially handy if you have leftovers from dinner the night before.
  3. Sandwich: Nothing wrong with the traditional sandwich.  Easy to make and easy for them to eat.  A brown bread sandwich with a protein filling is a great way of getting the essential carbs and protein into their day.  You can change up the filling every few days.
  4. Fruit: A piece of fruit should be included in their lunch box.  It gives them great energy.  It could be an apple, banana or if they like berries, grapes, etc put them in a small tubberware container tightly sealed.  You can even mix the berries up so they are getting a few different variations.School Lunch Ideas
  5. Vegetables:  Some kids love raw veg.  So why not try cutting up uncooked carrots, peppers, cucumber.
  6. Rice Cakes: Yoghurt or plain flavoured rice cakes.  You can buy these in the supermarket and they come pre-wrapped for snacks on the go.
  7. Yoghurt: Another simple option.  Try and avoid the yogurts that are high in sugar and maybe choose the vanilla flavor. You can always add fruit or granola to them in a container.  Change it up so they don’t get sick of eating the same flavor every day.
  8. Water:  Rather than fruit drinks give them water.  This stops tooth decay and craving more sugar.  Buy a water bottle they can easily open and also one they like.

Enjoy the peace x