Supermarket Tips

1. Always know what you need.  Have a list. Stick to those items and stay away from those convenience foods that are full of calories.

2.  Don’t shop hungry. When you shop hungry you tend to add crap to your trolley as everything look appetizing.  Make sure you have eaten before you go shopping.

3.  Be aware of bulk.  Watch out for the 12 pack of crisps, ‘fun size’ bars etc.  If you have kids and are buying treats buy things you don’t like and only buy in small quantities.

4.  Ignore end of aisle displays.   They are where we impulse buy.  Next time you are shopping just look at end of aisle displays 9 times out of 10 they are unhealthy food there to entice.

5.  Bear in mind that the supermarkets are not going to help you choose the healthy options.  They are there to make money and that is how they layout the shop so you buy the best sellers and are normally convenient unhealthy foods.

7.  Next time you go shopping, be mindful.  Look out for all the temptations and know they are just temptations.  Just walk by and you will feel like you are in control.

Good Luck

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