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“Shape my plan is great, lots of options, having both recipes and off the shelf foods for alternatives (John West). It’s a great way to keep on track while eating everything you enjoy. Was very suitable to my preferences”


“I have discovered new choice within the food I was already buying with the shape my plan recipes”

Owen Morton

Guys just letting you know I’m down 6lbs in 2 weeks since starting on the plan.  Loving all the recipes!


“I really liked to Shape my Plan. I found it very straightforward so much so I could send it to my sons to have dinner ready when I got in from work. It is a very easy to follow plan even for a novice cook, really liked all the options especially for lunch”.


“I found the programme really good. It kept me on track and made my life so much easier just being able to let it choose what I was going to eat with the easy swap options. When I stuck to it 100% I really saw the results I wanted.”


“Feel great, my body fat is the lowest its been in years. Loving the new options.”

GNS member

“For once, I’ve found something that gives you real food. Too many meal plans are too unrealistic, eating chicken and rice day in and day out. Shape My Plan gives you food that everyone eats on a daily basis but makes them healthy and enjoyable. It’s so straightforward and extremely easy to use. The breakdown of meals is very useful and the step by step guide on how to make them is great!”


“The variety of meal options on the app were amazing (I was quite fond of the prawn salad) which is something I know I struggle with as I love variety and flavour so this app was great for me in that respect. I really enjoyed using the app and I found it very easy to use as everything was there in front of you. The recipes were easy to follow and no guesswork, you knew exactly what the measurements were”.


“I joined it 3 weeks ago – lost 4lbs it is easy to follow and love that is works out the calories”


“Guys just letting you know I am down 6lbs in 2 weeks since starting the plan.  Loving all the recipes”


“On my second week loving it !! lost 6 lbs week one – delighted”


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