Enjoying you treats this Halloween

Halloween treats

Halloween is always a fun time of year, and always a time when treats are around us in abundance. As you know the crew in Shape My Plan are all for enjoying ourselves, but also we are very much about creating balance, which is crucial if weightloss is a goal. Today’s blog will help you this Halloween, help you enjoy yourself with that little smidgen of balance thrown in. 

  • First things first, tomorrow is going to be good craic whatever you are up to, so having fun is certainly part of the equation.
  • For successful fat loss you need to ensure you are in a calorie deficit first and foremost. Tomorrow evening wont help that, usually that is when most treats are consumed and send our calorie intake sky high. A quick simple tip is too reduce portion sizes at breakfast and lunch whilst also skipping your snacks, this will save you quite a few calories for the evening time. 
  • Make sure to really increase your output across the day, aiming to get 1 good gym session in and aiming for a lot of steps in the day, we would suggest a minimum of 10,000 but you should push for higher if possible
  • Whilst enjoying your treats don’t compound the problem by having lots of fizzy, sugary drinks which are laden with calories. Stick to water or calorie free diet drinks 
  • Try to use your imagination and create ‘healthy’ treats using things like fruit & nuts

We hope these tips help you, and that you all have an amazing fun filled Halloween