Our Story

Our Story

So it all started over two years ago, I was 2 stone heavier didn’t exercise and was constantly making the wrong food choices.  I had no understanding of my correct portion sizes and how to make smarter food choices.  My sister Edel kept asking me to join her in the gym but I thought I was too busy as a working mum with 2 small children and couldn’t possibly fit it in.  So over the years, I tried every diet and I would take the all or nothing approach then inevitably fail – beat myself up and go back to the same old habits.


Eventually, I agreed to do a 6-week gym challenge with Edel. We were both given the same meal plan – even though I had a lot of weight to lose and she was just looking to maintain. It didn’t make sense. The meal plans were not sustainable with everyday busy family life and I knew I couldn’t stick to it.    We worked out how many calories I should be consuming to lose weight and Edel gave me recipes she had built up to keep me on track.  When I stopped thinking of being on a diet and took a balanced approach – actually allowing myself to have a few drinks at the weekends and even enjoy a takeaway (without the guilt) I saw the weight coming off.

So this is when we thought wouldn’t it be great to be able to help both gyms and individuals.  Gyms by taking a huge workload off them and allowing them to provide their clients with a tailored meal plan that their clients can sustain and to help individuals to just have healthy eating habits part of their everyday life and not constantly being on and off a diet.

If you take the mindset that you are on a weight loss plan for a set period of time – what happens when that plan is over? You go back to eating what you want and all the hard work gets undone and you are back to square one. If you are eating healthy 80% of the time and allow the 20% to enjoy the weekends, special occasions you are more likely to adopt this into your life as you will not feel deprived.


Shape My Plan will help you kickstart your healthy lifestyle- helping you create healthy habits with balance so you can sustain them long term. We have gotten amazing feedback from our members and the gyms that are signed up love how it has taken a huge chunk of work of them.

Nutramino Awards

In March 2019, we won a silver award at the Nutramino Health & Fitness Awards and we made the finalist list in the Irish Fitness Industry Award due to take place in June of this year.HFA 2019_Nutramino Logo_Silver