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Our approach is not about going on a diet or asking you to stick to a strict plan with no variety. We want to help you live a healthier lifestyle with balance

If weight loss is your goal we will help you make real sustainable changes so when the program is over you have created real changes you can continue. We want healthy to be your default 80% of the time.

Our core belief is balance is key you will make changes that are suistainable and become a habit so you never feel like you are on a diet again.

You will create healthy habits and will have the tools so you are equipped to make healthier choices but not feel deprived.

Getting started is so easy.  Just decide which option you want to go for.

Option 1.

Monthly Meal Plan for €12 per month


8-week Meal Plan for €30 (once-off).

The meal plan you get is designed for your recommended daily calorie intake.  It is perfect for someone who wants guidance on healthy food options but not feeling deprived.

What is included with the meal plan?

    • 1000’s of healthy recipes
    • Ability to swap out meals
    • Cater for likes /dislikes and allergies.
    • Ability to log your progress
    • Add ingredients to shopping list

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Option 2.

Meal Plan with an Individual Assessment, Advice, Support, and Accountability.



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  • This 6-week  Health Kick Program with the Client Assessment also accountability and 1 to 1 support for the 6 weeks. Giving you daily accountability and weekly check-ins. Teaching you how to have a balanced approach to eating healthy while still having a life.  Let us help you win the battle against the constant yo-yo dieting and help you understand how to live a balanced healthy life. Only €80


What is involved in the Health Kick Program?

  • Full access to your tailored online meal plan with 1000’s healthy recipes
  • Initial health questionnaire to help us work out your daily calories and a plan to help you achieve your goals
  • Daily contact throughout the 6 weeks programme via our App
  • Accountability for food choices, exercise and water intake every day motivates & supports clients throughout the 6 weeks.
  • Extensive support & resources with practical and simple advice on what to eat, overcome cravings, learn about food labels so you can make informed decisions, get more movement into your week and make real changes to help you to start a healthy lifestyle and not just another yo-yo diet
  • Supportive Community

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