How do I stop eating sweets at Halloween?

How to stop eating sweets at halloween

Tips to Avoid Halloween Treats

Halloween is always a fun time of year, and always a time when treats are around us.  This year it might be a bit different with less trick or treats but kids still want the treats

Here are a few simple tips to help you stay on track over the Halloween.

  1. Don’t buy sweets too early. Every supermarket will have deals on multi-pack sweets and chocolate.  If you buy well in advance how do you stop dipping into it even before Halloween starts?  The deals will still be here all the way to Halloween so don’t stress if you are like me and don’t trust yourself not to indulge just wait to closer to the night.
  2. Buy sweets you don’t like.  This will stop you overindulging.
  3. On the day – we know we need to be in a calorie deficit.  So on Halloween day, we know there will be treats everywhere.  If we want to enjoy a few treats we need to reduce our calorie consumption on that day so a quick simple tip is to reduce portion sizes at breakfast and lunch. This will save you quite a few calories for the evening time.
  4. Keep busy.  Get the kids involved and make our healthy homemade pumpkin soup you can then use the carcass of the pumpkin for the kids to carve out.  Hours of fun.  When you are busy its helps in avoiding eating extra treats during the day.
  5. Get moving.  Make sure to really increase your output across the day, aiming to get 1 good gym session in and aiming for a lot of steps in the day, we would suggest a minimum of 10,000 but you should push for higher if possible
  6. Don’t deprive yourself.  Allow yourself some treats.  Decide what these treats will be.  Enjoy them and don’t feel guilty.
  7. Try and avoid lots of fizzy, sugary drinks which are laden with calories. Stick to water or calorie-free diet drinks
  8. Try to use your imagination and create ‘healthy’ treats using things like fruit & nuts

We hope these tips help you, and that you all have an amazing fun-filled Halloween