Healthy Food Swaps for a Healthy Diet

Healthy Swaps Healthy Diet

How to make Healthy Swaps for a Healthy Diet?

Making small changes in your diet can have a huge impact.  It is all about making smarter healthier food choices.  Once we start making changes in our choices it can have a chain reaction throughout all our meals.  At the start of the day, most people start off well and then as the day goes on the wrong food choices start to creep in. Most people don’t even realize that the little choices they are making daily are adding up your overall calorie intake.  You could buy a latte while out and about or meeting a friend this one latte could be 179kcals imagine if you consumed 2 or 3 lattes a day –  then add a scone or muffin and you have probably sabotaged your whole calorie intake for the day.  So why not choose an americano or a cuppa tea which has no kcals or very little if you add milk.

Healthy Swaps Healthy Diet

Keeping a food diary can help identify where you need to make these changes. Do this for 3 or 4 days and decide what you will tackle first.

Starting slow and taking one area at a time will not feel as daunting.  If you normally get a bread roll for lunch change this to a wrap or brown bread option, then when you have done this continuously for 5 to 7 days in a row move on to the next change.  You will be surprised the difference it will make to your lifestyle.

It can also help to have a clear shopping list when you do your grocerHealthy Swaps Healthy Diety shop.  In order to do this, you need to meal plan and write down exactly what you need for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner and also incorporate the healthy snacks.  If you have a list you are less likely to reach for the convenient food.  When you enter a supermarket think the healthiest foods are always at the side aisles and the convenient foods are normally in the middle.  Your aim is to try and do the majority of your shopping on the side aisles and the back of the shop (butcher, fish counter, etc) this is where you should be getting the majority of your items.

Weekends can be difficult.  During the week you are in a routine and it easier to stay on track and make healthier choices.  Healthy Swaps Healthy DietThen the weekend comes – takeaway is mentioned or a meal out with a few drinks.  This can be difficult.  But making the correct meal choices while eating out or choosing a thin based pizza with a salad instead of a deep pan full pizza and chips can make a huge difference and you don’t feel deprived.  Also when you are having a few drinks knowing which the alcoholic drinks that have the lower calories and choosing the slimline option will also reduce the calories intake.

Here are some changes you can start making today:

Simple Swaps

  • White rice for Brown rice
  • White Bread for Brown Bread
  • Cereal for Oats
  • Flavored Yogurt for Natural Yogurt

Use less sauce

  • 1tbsp mayo – 57 kcals to your meal.
  • 1tbsp ketchup – 20 kcals to your meal

You will need to walk 5 mins to burn 20 kcals!

Don’t drink your calories (Kcals based on serving)

  • 7up – 156 Kcals vs 7up zero 0 Kcals
  • Coke 149 kcals & 10 spoons of sugar Vs Coke Zero 0 Kcals & 0 sugar
  • Fanta – 138 kcals vs Fanta Zero 0 Kcals

Choosing the zero option is a better choice but no nutritional benefits in the drinks try and drink water it is 100% calorie-free and drinking at least 8oz glasses x 8 times a day to help lose weight.